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10 Questions with Swimmer Lauren Cox

Meet GB Swimmer Lauren Cox who answers 10 questions with Usual objections.

Lauren wearing a custom Usual Objection swimsuit in sky blue.

  1. How did your swimming journey start and when?

I started learning to swim when I was 3 years old and my parents wanted to tire me out, I progressed through the stages and ended up club swimming and here I am now competing internationally.

  1. What strengths do you have that you believe make you a good athlete?  

Individuality - no one can be me other than me so I’ve learnt to use that to my advantage in terms of training and racing. Discipline - this comes in hand with consistency and to be the best you need to be disciplined with your lifestyle and consistent with training. Highly driven - I want to achieve my goals and will work as hard as I can to give me the best chance to succeed with them.

  1. How do you get yourself into the mindset to get training, especially on those days when you might not be feeling it?

Remind my self of my goals and how badly I want to achieve them. Also having a great training group and coach who all want the best for you and encourage you through the 'dark' times.

  1. Thoughts on failure and how do you manage it and overcome any setbacks?

Failure is normal, it makes you a better person/athlete. I believe that failure is nessecary to become the best. To benefit from a failure you need to have a mindset that allows you to learn and grow from it and not give in when it gets tough or things don’t go your way.

  1. How do you make time for your sport with your personal & work life? Do you have to be disciplined with yourself and is this something you find challenging?

I do a weekly timetable every Sunday which has all my training and lectures and with that I can then visually see where I can add in time with friends/family and have a good life and work balance. I do have to be disciplined and make sacrifices to enable me to prioritise my training so I can be the best. This can be challenging when social events come up and I’m unable to go but I’ve committed to my training and goals and sometimes they are more important than a party or night out.

  1.  What do you do to wind down?

I really enjoy reading, currently reading Twisted Hate by Ana Huang. I also (like most) enjoy binge watching TV series.

  1. Any nutrition top tips - are you strict with your diet?

I have a very balanced diet, as a swimmer I need to eat a lot so it’s important that I get enough protein and carbs in my system. I don’t follow a strict meal plan as such but I intuitively eat and cook almost all my meals so they are relatively healthy. That being said, I have a big sweet tooth and have treats often, sometimes homemade so slightly less sugar and occasionally I enjoy some Ben and Jerrys :).

  1.  What’s your fave post training snack?!

Homemade flapjacks with dates, walnuts and a drizzle of milk chocolate on top.

  1.  What is some advice for your younger self?

To enjoy every moment and not get caught up with bad training sessions or races, and to keep going because it’s such a rewarding process at the end.

  1. Something free that makes you smile ?

Spending time with my sister.



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