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Hi there ...

We’re Usual Objections. We make and sell swim and activewear from our micro factory in East London. Always ethical, handcrafted, and for all bodies, our mission is to inspire and facilitate life-changing personal progress, every day.

About us

Launched in 2020 Usual Objections was started with a belief that everyone is capable of great things.

Built from the ground up to be as sustainable and ethical as possible, everything is handmade by us using recycled fabrics and ethically and sustainably sourced materials in Hackney, East London – an area with a rich heritage of garment production.

Our journey

After many years working in jobs we didn’t fully enjoy, we decided to bite the bullet and follow something we believed in. We always loved swimming, so decided to follow our passion and sell everything we owned to start a swimwear business.

We filled our home with sewing machines, and alongside lots of reading, fashion courses and several trade shows, we spent the next three years learning, developing and iterating our products.

We finally launched in March 2020 and two years later we moved the machines out of our home into our eco-friendly studio - part factory, part shop. We’ve also expanded the operation with amazing people who create beautiful garments for you and help us grow the business - thank you, team!!

And now we’re heading into the next phase of our journey making activewear - because running has always been a big part of our lives too. Rich was a cross-country and fell runner in his youth and we’ve both always kept running, as a means to keep fit and to help clear the head! Just like our swimsuits, made with love, technical fabrics, and awesome colours and prints to make you happy.

Rich & Linda xx

Our values

Connecting communities

Creating local employment and sourcing from local makers and suppliers to build the foundations for a sustainable community - supporting each other to help us all achieve more than we’d be capable on our own.

Open minds, open possibilities

When you open your mind to inspiration and open your heart to support, who knows what might happen? Small changes, seeking continuous and realistic improvements, while accepting every setback is a lesson, and you’ll end up changing a lot.

Make things better

We take this attitude from our products to our planet, our industry, our local community and the lives of our customers and our team. An uncompromising attention to detail informs everything we make and the decisions we take.


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