When you receive your normal swimsuit and it arrives crumpled up in a cheap plastic bag how much care and thought do you think the company has really put into the garment and the environment?

Being sustainable is about the garment but also the manufacturing processes and the business. Using recycled fabric is a good start but it's not a panacea for the problems with plastic and pollution.

When you wear one of our swimsuits you can be confident that you have contributed to lower carbon emissions and supported local communities. With your help we are committed to measure, reduce and offset our footprint to create better products for people and the environment. To create a positive social and environmental impact with every garment sold.


Raw materials

Our product carbon footprint starts with the choice of our raw materials. We source as close to home as possible, use sustainable materials where we can, and choose ethical suppliers we trust.

While things need to be close by they also need to be good quality. The best quality swimwear fabric we could find is produced in Italy from a mill committed to environmental sustainability throughout the production chain. It uses green energy throughout, re-uses rain water and cleans waste water before sending it back to the plant.

All our fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified. This regulates the use of harmful substances in textile production.

Our threads come from a shop at the end of our road that opened in 1906 and is still family run. We are currently investigating switching to recycled threads.



Manufacturing ourselves means we have greater control of our impact and helps us calculate our carbon emissions more accurately.

The studio runs on 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas lowering our carbon impact by 3.5 tonnes of CO2 a year.

The sewing machines all run on energy-saving motors which are 75% more efficient than most old style clutch motors. All machines are serviced regularly to ensure smooth operation.

We switched all our light bulbs to low-energy and make sure we (mostly!) switch our lamps and machines off when not in use.



Our paper is either recycled or made from FSC sustainable sources. Minimal printing and finishing means it's all recyclable or biodegradable.

Apart from the boxes we make the bulk of our packaging in-house. This again means less waste as we make to order and we can also control the processes to make sure they're as green as possible.

We don't use any single-use plastic during manufacturing.

With every purchase we give you a free gift box sturdy enough to be reused for storage and a free bag to protect wet garments post-swim which is made from resilient workwear fabric from a 125 year old UK textile maker.



Doing almost everything in house means we can reduce waste by only producing the quantities we need. No excess stock to landfill or being set on fire further increasing pollution.

All our fabric scraps are currently sent to First Mile for recycling. But as production grows and we have more time (the dream!) we plan to give them a second life as filling for pet beds - swimsuits for you, bed for your furry friend!

The suits we make are designed to last as long as possible in the swimming pool - both fabric qualities and construction. The longer things last - the less waste.


Supporting Communities

When you buy from us you're also supporting a community of local suppliers and contributing to the regeneration of the UK garment industry.

The oldest box manufacturer in the UK (1880)

The oldest paper mill (1885)

Oldest and only elastic manufacturer in Europe (1935)

One of the oldest family run haberdasheries (1906)

A local workforce - currently when you buy a swimsuit there's a good chance it was made by one of us but as we grow we will recruit and train members of the local community.

When we do hire people we pay the London living wage and welcome people of any gender, sexual preference and race.



Much of the environmental impact of a garment comes from post-purchase consumer use. We recommend washing your swimsuit in cool water in the shower post-swim.

Our swimsuits are built to last but if any faults do occur you can return your item to us for a free repair - it deserves a second chance!

We are currently investigating the viability of using returned swimsuits to recycle or upcycle.