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Our goal is to make things better.

We take this attitude from our products to our planet, our industry, our local community and the lives of our customers and our team. An uncompromising attention to detail informs everything we make and the decisions we take. To make the best product and continuously improve what we do.

To be sustainable for us is more than just using recycled fabrics, it’s about the business as a whole:

  • We source as close to home as possible, use sustainable materials where we can, and choose ethical suppliers we trust, while never compromising on quality.
  • Our micro-factory exists in a purpose-built eco-friendly facility including intelligent lighting and air-flow, and high-performance double glazed windows, all runing on clean renewable energy.
  • Manufacturing ourselves means we have greater control of our impact - from the materials to the machines used, through to the quality and finishing of our products.
  • We only produce in small batches, often to order, to minimise on waste.
  • Our fabric off-cuts are either re-used or sent off to be repurposed into new materials such as insulation and sports equipment filler. You can even send in your old swimsuit to us to add to the recycling pile!
  • We use minimal recyclable or biodegradable packaging, a lot of it made in-house using recycled or FSC-certified paper, and no plastic.
  • We value our team, paying a fair wage, and it is important that everyone that works with us feels valued, has an opportunity to use their voice, and learn and progress through the business.
  • We are committed to being open and transparent. We make mistakes, but we’re willing to learn. If you think there’s something we could do better, just let us know.

We believe in connecting with our local community and are active members of the East End Trades Guild, supporting small businesses and making our streets better places to be. Following Patagonia’s lead, we also contribute at least 1% of our sales to environmental and social justice organisations via 1% for the Planet.

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