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Usual Objections was born and bred in Dalston but in this article we take you through some of our favourite neighbours.

This area guide is packed full of clothing stores, cafes, books and so much more....P.s. This isn't in a particular favourited order- Each one holds something special and different :)

69 B Boutique

A shop like us with sustainability at its core.

 69 b Boutique69 b Broadway Market, London E8 4PHA mixture of men's and womenswear.

The shop is also part of Broadway market traders' association and like us are part of the East End Guild- (how Linda first came across 69b Boutique!)

Now you know we are all about sustainability and thankfully are friends at 69b boutique are as well!In fact, the focus of the shop is all about making fashion sustainable, only selling from brands that stick to their high standards! This inevitably comes with annual check ins and complete transparency with the brands. The clothing in the shop I would honestly have it all if I could- chunky knits, graphic tops and some really groovy bags- when we met with the owner (Emma) she describes the shops style as 'making sustainable clothing more urban' (LOVE this!)

She was also telling us about how the shop is infiltrated into the Hackney community- sometimes becoming an event space which holds workshops. An upcoming one for the diary is a jewellery making workshop with Pivot! 

 Donlon Book

Right next to 69 b Boutique is some lovely independent bookshops near Broadway Market.

- Donlon Books: 75 Broadway Market- The Broadway Bookshop: 6 Broadway Market- Artwords bookshop: 20-22 Broadway Market

DIY Art Shop 

A recent find for us was DIY Art shop‍129 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, Hackney, London. E8 2EB

Housing a selection of beautiful, handcrafted ceramics, posters, zines and bold graphic textiles, it really is a haven for gorgeous trinkets.

Wonderous Theatre

Wonderous Theatre 60 Dalston Ln, London E8 3AH

This shop has both womanswear and childrens clothing - perfect if you are ever shopping with your child- a win, win!

Our lovely friend Eriko owns this shop and we promise we are not bias when we say she really has great taste!

This shop opened almost 3 years ago and is split half and half between ladies and children, Eriko says "as parents, we don't really have time for ourselves so it's good to have both childrenswear and womenswear in one place".

The childrenswear ages from 0 - 6 years old and the clothes are a mix of organic cotton and alpaca wool (super soft!), dyed with natural plant dye and sourced mainly from Europe, it's all fairtrade!The womenswear is also gorgeous- Neutral, earthy tones and incredibly soft fabrics seem to be the theme to the clothing. (The stripey Alpaca wool jumper Elle has her eyes on!) 

All Press Roastery

All Press roastery 55 Dalston Ln, London E8 2NG

After exploring Dalston for a few hours you might be in the need for a quick coffee stop and we recommend the All Press roastery just a 5 minute walk from us. 

Located in an airy loft setting of an old joiner's factory, like us they are pioneering a place which makes and sells all in house. Every stage of the roasting process is on show for you to see.

Likewise, speaking to Alice from their team it's great to know they are a coffee company pioneering to make the industry as sustainable and ethical as possible. In fact, they are underway in the process of becoming a b- corp!!

Alice also gave us a bit of insight into how the cafe has become a way for All Press to give back to the local community. Every few months the cafe will give their gorgeous outdoor space in the evening, free of charge to local chefs. They focus on people who would not usually get a head start in the hospitality industry- (which is a predomantely white, male dominated sector).

It's a way to "use what we have to collaborate with people, so they can get a bit of excitement about the amazing stuff that their doing" says Alice.

This will often come in the form of restaurant takeovers- so make sure to check out their future events- we certainly want to go to it!

The Dusty Knuckle

The Dusty Knuckle Dalston is a bakery and cafe located in a little secluded oasis 2 minutes from UO's site. Making for a great lunchtime treat!!

P.S. I'd really recommend the bread it's a notch above anything I have ever had before!!

Favourite Activities 

Running: London Fields

 It’s the perfect time of year to outdoor run (or at least in my opinion) and those Autumn London runs look particularly fabulous running a few times round the 1-mile loop of London Fields.

Regents Canal is a canal across the north of central London. About an 8- mile section. Perfect for a long run or I'd recommend cycling this as well!

Stronghold Bouldering

London Fields, Unit 30 Canal Place, Andrews RdLondon.

Climbing- a sport that has really come into its own over the past through years (only in 2016 becoming an Olympic sport).

Side note- it is also my favourite spectator sport; how can anyone move that fast VERTICALLY?!

A lot of people I know are completely hooked and it's easy to see why: It’s both a mind and body game, strengthening and stretching you at the time and done on the regular, creates a lean, mean body! So, if your ever in Dalston Stronghold climbing is the place to go.

Located just off London Fields is a two-story building with an airy open plan café up top where you can grab a coffee and chit chat with your friends before making your way downstairs. Below is a large underground network of various climbing routes and a gym as well. Honestly, it was really well equipped, and its many various walls made it good for both a newbie or a well-seasoned boulderer- so give this one a go- it’s a goodn!

Rio Cinema

107 Kingsland High St, London E8 2PB

Old-School matinée feel, this cinema ticks all the boxes for me. Very laid back, good snacks and the films they show outstanding- Enjoy!!


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