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People told us we could never find high quality swimwear makers in Britain. They were right. Certainly not to our exacting standards and with the flexibility we required. That’s why we bought the machines and decided to do it ourselves.

In parallel with producing our own swimwear our goal is to provide the best stretch and sportswear sampling and production services in the UK - made sustainably in our studio in London by a team of friendly professionals.

Having built a swimwear brand up from scratch we know a thing or two about starting a brand so can help you with each step of the way.

Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you, whether your project is big or small.


While we try to keep everything digital sometimes the old fashioned way works best

Usual Objections 2020

Sewing straps is just one of 10-15 operations

Usual Objections 2020

What we do!

We have the ability to offer full end-to-end services:


Design and pattern cutting


Fabric printing


Pattern grading

Technical design (tech) pack

Small production runs

Business consultancy (including branding, art direction and tech to launch to your brand online)

Scroll down for more information on how each of these services may benefit you.


Bringing products to life

All services are delivered at the same levels of quality that match our own high standards - combining design and engineering expertise. Although we currently only sell swimwear, we are also able to produce a range of dancewear and activewear / athleisure garments - if it stretches, we can make it!

We know we can help you find and make what you’re looking for. We spent a lot of time getting our product right. We researched endless fabrics and materials. We met a lot of people. We bought machines, took them apart, and re-built them - we know what stitch works best to get the right amount of stretch for the best fit. From premium recycled fabrics, chlorine-resistant elastics, soft threads, and all the way through to eco-friendly packaging, we can help source everything as local as possible from ethical suppliers.

We have over 20 years experience in bringing products to life. We know how important it is to deliver on time and on budget, and keep you informed throughout each step of the process.

Our studio runs on clean energy and it is important that whoever works with us feels valued, learns something, and has a fun and fulfilling day while being paid a fair wage.

We may be small but this means we can be nimble. We can quickly bring your ideas to life.



Sourcing everything from threads, trimmings, fabrics to paper, labels, boxes etc

Usual Objections 2020

What does it all mean...

Here is our step-by-step guide to making a garment. We can help you along the whole journey or only with the bits that you need.


Design and Pattern Cutting

Starting with an idea, the first step is putting sketches to paper to create the initial designs. We then take those and translate them into pattern blocks - which are used to cut the pattern pieces from your fabric. We work with paper and digital patterns (although the latter ultimately gets printed on paper).



Finding the right fabric, thread and trimmings (buckles, fasteners, buttons, etc) can be daunting - so much to choose from! We have excellent relationships with a number of mills and factories that can offer small minimum order quantities (MOQs) and we can provide impartial advice to help you make the right decision. Need swing tags to attach to your garments or a beautiful gift box - we can also help provide a range of packaging options.


Fabric printing

If you want to include a print design on your fabric we’re happy to advise on different options from digital printing, a great sustainable option for low-volumes, or screen printing on rolls of fabrics. We have our own sublimation printer and heat presses so can easily prepare test samples or print ready for production in our studio.



Now that you have the right materials we can start bringing these ideas to life! Sampling is an important part of product development, it can take a few rounds depending on the complexity of the garment. You can use your own models to test the fit or we can help source depending on who your customers will be. For us real swimmers worked best as their bodies have different proportions to your average fit model for fashion. We'll also prepare the final salesman or showroom samples - to showcase your garments to wholesale buyers and press.


Pattern Grading

As soon as you’re happy with the fit, it’s time to grade the patterns which means building out your product range into the different sizes. We will digitise these for you using industry-standard software for computer modelling and a bit of know-how to make sure the pattern can be adjusted properly as bodies don’t go down or up in size in equal proportions.


Technical design (tech) pack

This is the pack you provide to your clothing manufacturer which includes all the details to make your garment. It details out the bill of materials (BOM), listing out all fabrics and trimmings and exact measurements, designs and grading specifications, and manufacturing instructions. We can tailor the pack to your exact needs.


Small production runs

All set to go, it’s time to start making the first set of garments ready for you to sell. We can do small production runs with low minimums in our studio in London. Made using sustainable environmental and labour practices your garments will be made to a high standard by stretch specialists and we’ll keep you informed each step along the way. We can also point you in the right direction for international factories, especially if you’re looking for larger volumes.


Business consultancy

Building our own swimwear brand has taught us a thing or two along the way and we’re happy to share this knowledge to help you develop your brand for your audience. Having worked in the IT, digital, creative and fashion industries we can offer a unique mix of skills. We also have a network of highly experienced professionals including pattern cutters, garment technicians, brand design, digital marketing, IT and social media experts we can bring in to help.


Our clients

We have worked on some exciting projects to date. Making swimsuits and bikinis for London's coolest streetwear brand, Sports Banger, showcased at a rave / fashion show in a Tottenham industrial estate for Spring Summer 2020 during London Fashion Week - read more on vogue.com. We have also worked on a collaboration with an influential menstrual health expert as well as producing men and women's swimwear for an upcoming campaign for the delicious monthly subscription service for natural wines, lowintervention.com - more details to follow soon. We love them all, be sure to check them out.